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Welcome to : The Specialists for Switchgear Tripping Battery Units and other related DC supplies



S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. have been designing, manufacturing and marketing battery charging equipment since 1986. The greater majority of this has been associated with the provision of essential supplies for tripping/closing circuit breakers and associated equipment.

The company specialises in DC systems, and has gained a particular wealth of experience in switchgear tripping and closing, together with other battery back-up supplies.

Our business has grown steadily, and our products are used regularly by leading switchgear manufacturers and makers of large diesel alternator sets. Other customers include control gear manufacturers, electrical contract, electrical and water companies.

UK installations are in sites as diverse as: The Bank of England; Railtrack; London Underground; London Stock Exchange; Harrods; Channel Tunnel; Motor Car Assembly Plants; Nuclear Submarine Bases; Power Stations; Regional Electricity Boards, etc.

All work is carried out to EN BS 9001 standard, and we pride ourselves on our high quality of manufacturing and design. We have continuously met the exacting standards required for Nuclear and Ministry of Defence establishments.

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S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. offer a competitive selection of the following products:



As an independent supplier we are able to offer an impressive range of different types from different manufacturers of batteries.

Popular rechargeable types include: sealed nickel cadmium (cylindrical sintered plate); vented nickel cadmium; ultra low maintenance nickel cadmium (fibre); valve regulated lead acid, vented lead acid (plante, tubular).

Battery manufacturers include GAZ, Alcad, Saft, Chloride, Enersys, Yuasa, Sonnenschein, Emisa, Hoppecke, Friwo, etc. We can provide alternatives for Tungstone, Hawker Energy Products and other batteries not in production



We are able to offer small transistor controlled chargers rated as less than 1 amp up to larger thyristor controlled chargers rated at several hundred amps. Nominal battery voltages are also entensive from 12 volts up to 240 volts DC. Common voltages include 24, 30, 48 and 110 volts DC.

Chargers are manufactured in house hence we are able to custom design a particular arrangement/size to client's specification.




S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. have introduced, and is continually developing a new computer system that has already improved our working procedures.

Our products have complied with various European standards covering Electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC) and low voltage directives.

S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. are able to provide drawings and documentation. Drawings are drawn using AutoCAD software.

S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. offer an environmentally friendly battery disposal service (sorry UK only) which includes nickel cadmium.

S.G. & M.Worthington & Co. offers a comprehensive battery and charger maintenance service for all units supplied by ourselves. This service also covers units of other manufacture.


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S. G. & M. Worthington & Co.

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